ÉPICA By Okkre 

MOM (2018)

Mastered by Pedro Pina at Laboratorios Substancia
Written & produced by Uge Pañeda

"Fusion of sleek rolling techno by Lcc producer Uge Pañeda with texts John Cage, Laurie Anderson and others, for the purpose of choreography by Barcelona’s Aimar Pérez Galí.
Okkre has provided a startling soundtrack. This soundtrack complements the performance of the dancers beautifully but also deserves to be listened on its own. It is both powerful and dramatic, fitting the title. The music is alive! While the other side gently mixes a melodic bassline that moves like the wind with intertwined chorus and voices, which appeal to the spirit of the artistic work, evoking space for feeling and touching. At the same time, insistent beats offer a club feeling. Scary yet empowering strings create a hypnotic atmosphere alongside falling keys and vocal impressions. The final few minutes provides a strong climax to the record. This features hammering beats, a circling bass and powerful keys. A mighty performance! ÉPICA is indeed epic.” Boomkat

Artwork by  Roger Adam Bernad

1. Side A
2. Side B