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Photo by Irma Collín,  Visuals by Adrián Cuervo Photo by Irma Collín,  Visuals by Adrián Cuervo

After college, my passion for music led me to Iceland for living a few years. There, I started to produce music through  software and field recordings. Since then, I´ve been producing electronic music for A/V shows, dance performance, theater, movies, documentaries and occasionally for advertising. Gratefully, some of these projects have been awarded in prestigious film festivals - such as Málaga Festival, San Sebastián International Film Festival, IBAFF, Goya Awards or the Performing Arts Awards.

Composer and music producer from 2010 to 2018 in my previous duo Lcc, and from 2017 to the present, also under a new moniker, Okkre. In recent years,
I´ve  released my work on Editions MEGO, MOM or Eotrax, playing at festivals as Berlin Atonal, Sónar, Mutek Mx or LEV Festival. And I´ve been participated on publications and soundtracks with artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Arca, Fennesz or Kyoka, among others.
Music and psychology. Two professional facets that have come together inside me from the beginning and probably have conditioned my creative process. I like to feel and interpret music as a real, alive process, an intense, elastic and fluid stimulus, capable of altering our moods and consciousness.

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