Mastered by Mike Grisnser at D&M Berlín

Recorded throughout 2016 among residencies at the legendary studios EMS of Stockholm, the Inter Arts Center of Malmö and their own studio in Gijón, Bastet is a rich experience: cryptic, visionary and utterly compelling. 8 tracks laying forth a deep listening journey into the netherworlds of human experience, movement, ritual and space. 

Bastet is austere and gloomy throughout, but especially on "Ka," with its ritual drumming, gong loops and digitised crashes that sound like glass being smashed. "Ib" is destructive and mystical, too: fireworks or flares crackle and explode behind a warm layer of liturgical chanting, suggesting an end-of-times tableau. "Ba" offers light relief in a freeform brass melody. It squiggles up and down the scales as drums thud and snares tick, like a clock counting down to something. Time appears to be running out. RA

However by dint of their filigree timbral sensitivity and sense of feminine pressure, LCC open their own sort of void inside, most in/tangibly with the inland Empire-esque eeriness of Ib and the ancient bullroarer-like tones that arc over pointillist, latinate drum patterns in Ba, and roll deep into the airborne swagger of Ka. Impressive. Boomkat

Cover by Pedro Maia & Artwork by Ana Cachafeiro

1. Am
2. Ib
3. Ba
4. He
5. She
6. Ka