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"Okkre’s performance was one of the high points at La Nave venue as she managed to use the large capacity of the space and overwhelmed it with her epic and majestic soundscapes somewhere between dreamy multi-layered drones and sharp yet free-roaming industrial beats. It retains the same cinematic quality that early Lcc music was full of. It was a flashy burst of sound, grand and elegant at the same time. And this was one of her first performances".
Secret Thirteen

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Arkhé is an audiovisual piece inspired by classical philosophy and music, especially by Heraclitus’ theories and my favourites operas. Through this performance, I recreate the "Fire//Logos" concept as a dynamic, flowing and an opposing movement, giving rise to the air, water and finally, earth. Arkhé is articulated by four movements representing the four elements of nature in occidental culture. Therefore, the piece consists of four different atmospheres of light, colour and sound during the show.
This performance is part of a profound research and creation project that is being developed at different phases and routes of work.

Premiered at LEV Festival, Gijón


The invisible harmony is bigger than the visible harmony”


“Okkre’s live performances are also powerful experiences - she certainly took over the Hangar of the Engineering Institute in this year’s LEV Festival with her gargantuan and majestic heavy rhythmics that border on the edge between industrial and techno".
Paulius Ilius, S13

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Photos by Mónica Lou


Dance Performance

Épica is a dance performance directed by Aimar Pérez Galí. Four dancers deliver their energy and offer themselves as agents of the emotion of space-time in an epic techno session.  They act in an ephemeral space using theatrical machinery to produce an aesthetic experience that operates on an emotional and sensory level. At the same time, Épica offers a platform to introduce a feminist critical reflection, giving voice to the epic of changes struggles that do not operate within the Western heteronormative canon. It generates an alternative paradigm towards freedom.A coproduction of Mercat de les Flors, with the collaboration of Sónar Festival, Graner, Arts Santa Mònica, Cal Gras and Espacio Práctico.       

Premiered at Sónar Festival 2017, Barcelona.
Nominated for Best National Show at Performing Arts Awards 2019.
Nominated for Best Dance Performance at Butaca Awards 2017.

Concept and direction Aimar Pérez Galí. Dancers, Mar Medina, Miquel Fiol, Almudena Pardo, Aimar Pérez Galí. Ephemeral architecture MAIO. Lighting Cube.bz. Costumes Xevi Fernández. Dramaturgy Jaime Conde-Salazar & Aimar Pérez Galí. Production ANTES Aimar Pérez Galí.

Video by Pol Gonzàlez Novell  & Music Written & produced by Uge Pañeda.


“Èpica ens ofereix el millor d’una discoteca: poder ballar bona música en un espai fantàstic i amb una llum meravellosa sense les normes d’un lloc per definició capitalista i heteronormatiu. Per a tots aquells que no ho sàpiguen: la llibertat i el respecte d’una dark room és això, amigues”.

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Bastet is a ritual study, gliding the path from the rites of the ancient times to the realm of the modern ones. Bastet is the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess, closely connected to music and female power, who coerced humans to entertain her, and to keep her untamed animal side appeased. This A/V project was the result of the collaboration between filmmaker Pedro Maia and Lcc presenting our second album released on EditionsMego in 2017 and recorded at EMS Stockholm, IAC Malmö and my own studio in Gijón.  

Premiered at Sónar Festival 2017, Barcelona.



Hoth was produced after an artistic residence at EMS (Elektronmusikstudion, the centre for Swedish electroacoustic music and sound-art) in Stockholm.
Lcc in collaboration with the visual and creative coder artist Alba G. Corral, we presented this A/V show at Art's Birthday Party and Norbergfestival, Sweden. A personal combination of geometries, images and sounds that carried us through unexplored landscapes. A recreation of an abstract scenario where everyone discovers their own path as in Rorschach´s prints.

Premiered at Art's Birthday Party, Stockholm.

Video: Alba G. Corral. Music: Written & produced by Uge Pañeda. Released by Lcc on MOM, 2016.



This work is an A/V representation of the first LP that I composed in my former duo Lcc, which was released on EditionsMego, in 2014. This project is the result of our artistic residence atLABoral Centro de Arte, Spain, in collaboration with the visual artist and researcher Adrian Cuervo.
D/evolution reflects the parasitic relationship human/Earth. It examines the extent of the damage caused by the extraction andprocessing of minerals from the earth to achive an endless development and technological advancement, which inevitably has broken and deformed our natural environment.

Photo by Playmodes at LEV Festival, Gijón.

Video: Adrián Cuervo. Music: Written & produced by Uge Pañeda. Released by Lcc on EditionsMEGO, 2014.

Life Project

Dance Performance

Through his action, the artist Jordi Vall-lamora, seeks to provoke reflection on the crisis of materialism and how people can confront the present situation by using their internal resources.
Life Project includes the composition of live cello music combined with organic electronic sounds, the elaboration of a contemporary choreographic performance by four dancers, Butoh and contemporary dancers.
It´s a performance produced during an artistic residence at LABoral Centro de Arte in collaboration with School of Dramatic Arts, ESAD.

Premiered at LABoral Centro de Arte, Spain.

Photo courtesy of LABoral Centro de Arte.

Unstable Society

Live Cinema

Unstable Society is an live cinema created with public domain footage archives and live original soundtrack.The visual artist Adrian Cuervo built a fictional story about the current, past and future economic and social crisis using only images from public domain archives. In this way, this project questions the validity of archive images as a History generator. Because, we can tell you this fiction and many more... Premiered at LABoral Centro de Arte, Spain.

Image from public domain archive.