c o m m i s s i o n s

Composing scores for movies, documentaries and other experimental proposals is one of my favorite lines of work. I’ve been involved in different projects, some of them have been awarded at international film festivals like San Sebastián, Málaga, IBAFF or nominated for Goya or Gaudí Awards.

Take a look at my work and  if you have any proposals,
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Photo by Teresa Espadafor
Frame “PlanetLev, Navigating Pixels” (Spin, Robert Lippok & Lucas Gutierrez)

Planet LEV by L.E.V Festival Matadero 2020
Sound design

Planet LEV-Matadero is an immersive art experience created by the Children of Cyberspace, available in both Virtual Reality and on Web browsers. This dream-like universe hosts animated sculptures with sound installations, as well as concerts and live audio-visual performances of artists from all around the world. The whole Planet LEV is an immersive stage, where those happenings are taking place in real time. The virtual scenery has been inspired by the Asturian landscape, home of the LEV Festival.

VIDEO TRIPTYCH  by Okkre x Egroj, 2019

“After they meet at Mutek MX the artists Okkre and the duo Egroj decide to start a process of artistic collaboration discovering the infinite connections that exist in their creative universes. The result of these fascinating connections of first instance present this series of experimental short videos where the Mexican artists give an image of Okkre's latest work remixing producer Chra (Christina Nemec) for the label EditionsMego.
In them, their organic and digital realities converge to immerse us in their own mythological dystopia where the fall of the gods give rise to a superior being destroyed by natural forces”.
The brvtalist

I HATE NEW YORK   Directed by Gustavo Sánchez , 2018
Soundtrack appearance, documentary movie

Successfully screened at film festivals in more than 30 countries. From the underground scene of the most radical and fascinating city in the world, comes the revolutionary story of four transgender activists, their fierce struggle and emotional fight to create an identity of their own.
Beautiful soundtrack in appearance with leading artists such as Arca, Alva Noto & Ryūichi Sakamoto, Koreless, TranSisters, Colin Self  and many more.

66º SSIFF San Sebastian Film Festival - Nominated Sebastiane Award
X IBAFF Murcia International Film Festival - Best Film Award
XI Gaudí Awards - Nominated Best Documentary   
30º GIFF Girona Film Festival - Best Documentary Film Award
21º Festival de Málaga - Miguel De Molina Award
33º Goya Awards - Nominated Best Film // Best Documentary Film // Best New Director // Best Script // Best Editing

CALLING GJ273B  Developed by Sónar Festival, 2018
Sound piece 

A celebration, an artistic-scientific experiment and a collective reflection open to humans and aliens.
Sónar celebrates 25 years with a call to extraterrestrial intelligence. 38 artists send music to GJ273b, a potentially habitable exoplanet 12.4 light-years from Earth.

FREE, Hadijatou contra el Estado  Directed by Lala Gomà & Rosa Cornet, 2017
Soundtrack, Documentary 

A documentary about Hadijatou Mani, the first woman who reported Niger's Goverment on account of her slave's condition - and the first to win. This historic event marks a turning point for ending slavery in Africa in the XXI century. But Hadijatou now has a new fight to put up: to retrieve their children, property of her former master.

Biznaga de Plata - Special Jury Award, Festival de Málaga
  Gaudí Awards - Nominated Best Documentary

TARAJAL  Desmuntant la impunitat a la frontera sur  Directed by Xavier Artigas, Xapo Ortega i Marc Serra, 2016 
Soundtrack, Documentary

The documentary denounces the events on 6 th of February (2014), when 15 people died drowned in Ceuta, on the border between Spain and Morocco. More than 200 immigrants attempted to enter Tarajal Beach and were rejected by members of Civil Guard Spanish with rubber bullets and smoke boats while they were still at sea.

Documenta Madrid - Panorama Español
Alcances Festival - Official Section

LA LLUCHA  Directed by  Marcos M. Merino, 2015
Soundtrack, TV Serie

La Llucha is a 3 episode documentary mini TV serie. It talks about the latest labor movement, the 2012 mining strike in my own region in Spain, Asturias.

Another point of view about the chronicle of this critical event. The emotions and opinions of the interviewed miners build the three acts of the serie based in “Remine” Documentary.