Collection of exclusive remixes of tracks from the Chra albums 'Empty Airport' and 'on a fateful morning' previously released on Editions Mego. Artists as Fennesz, Pita, Silvia Kastel or Shapednoise among others, we revised the fantastic work of Christina Nemec giving  it  a new personal perspective.


1. Phorusrhaecidae - Silvia Kastel
2. KBN RMX- Okkre 
3. *m*p*t*y*r*p*r*t -CherrySunkist
4. Rephorusrhacidae - Pita 
5. Landmine (The Divine Invasion Mix) - Shapednoise
6. Luminiscent - Laica 
7. Abandoned House - Fennesz
8. Snowbirds - Mulllr