Editions MEGO (2014)

Mastered & Cut by CGB at D&M Berlin
Written & produced by Uge Pañeda

D / evolution is  a beautiful first lp that I produced for my former duo Lcc. An eclectic and emotional album that brings together sounds elaborated over a very wide time interval some of them before my return to Spain.

"What is also common to all the tracks in the album is that they steadily develop, change or are even reconstructed in a way that takes listeners to a constant trip, perchance a time journey.
Finally, “d/evolution” is the first vinyl for this duo and the quality of their sound is as tangible as the material it is made of. This exceptional and concept long play certifies, that their offering is tremendously exciting and captivating. Moreover, these eight tracks are greatly heterogeneous and the LP as whole has a room for dystopia, melancholia, endless dreamlands and expressive landscapes”. Secret Thirteen

"Many tracks on d/evolution could be approached as ambient or noise, but just as a sense of familiarity sets in things take wild yet organic about-turns into bold new directions. For instance 'Graphein' begins with an ethereal layer of noise before a haunting and delicate piano line kicks in, and then somehow the whole track turns into a pulsing and melancholic techno stomper. This is a masterful and emotional work that sounds like little else". Bleep

Artwork by Alberto Santomé & Cover Photo Soleir

1. Chróma 
2. Quarz 
3. Kýpros 
4. Calx 
5. Graphein 
6. Adámas 
7. Titan 
8. Silex