RECONNECT Remixes By Eomac 

Mastered by Dominic at Declared Sound

“Okkre on the other hand, similar to LAIR, goes full-on shaman ritual with the percussions, creating an inescapable environment. Uge Paneda teleports us to another world, where bodies shake incontrollably to her will. Much recommended for all the “deconstructed club” workers". Zenevloed
"With the frantic original ‘Transmutation, Redemption, Forgiveness’, Errorsmith extracts and tightens up the groove with teetering, stilettoed kicks while emphasising the vowels of the vocal in wildly daft style. It’s one of the big highlights along with Renick Bell’s hyper-angular algorithmic decimation of ‘Lower Your Gaze’, Okkre’s gnashing hardcore techno ‘rush RISE’ remix, and Eomac’s own, pendulous VIP of ‘Being, Not Object’. Boomkat

 Artwork by Jazz Szu-Ying Che

1. Transmutation, Redemption, Forgiveness (Errorsmith Remix)2. Resist All Dogma (Kyoka Remix)
3. Ready to Die (LAIR Remix)
4. Lower Your Gaze (Renick Bell Remix )
5. Denounce Everything (Nene H Remix)
6. Fall, Rise (Okkre ‘rush RISE’ Remix)
7. Being, Not Object (Eomac VIP)
8. Language Has Failed Us (Dylan Henner Remix”)